Size Debate

Throughout the years since the beginning of the Bigger Luke phenomenon, one of the most pressing issues has been just how much larger Bigger Luke is than Regular Luke. This page documents the most common theories.

2-3 Centimeters / about an Inch

Regular Luke & inch tall Bigger Luke

By far the most popular hypothesis, the 2-3 Centimeters, 2-3Cent, or InchLuke hypothesis postulates that Bigger Luke is approximately 2 to 3 centimeters - or perhaps an inch - taller than Regular Luke

Supporters of this hypothesis are typically known as InchLukers. InchLukers argue that Bigger Luke, in most instances, does indeed appear to be an inch or perhaps 2 to 3 centimeters taller than Regular Luke at face value. Detractors argue that perspective could, in fact, skew the actual size discrepancy.

It should be noted that InchLuker is not a literal label, but an umbrella term for anyone who believes Bigger Luke is anywhere from an inch to 2 or 3 centimeters taller than Regular Luke. In between measurements are also counted.

1 Centimeter

Regular Luke & centimeter tall Bigger Luke

A minority of Bigger Luke theorists subscribe to the CentLuke hypothesis, believing that the size discrepancy between Bigger Luke and Regular Luke is very minute, measuring about a centimeter.

4-5 Centimeters

Regular Luke & 4-5 centimeter tall Bigger Luke
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