No Han Pic

A No Han Pic, commonly abbreviated to NHP, primarily refers to one of two closely related concepts, and are thus divided into two primary classes:

  • Class I (Class II before 1994): Referring to a screencap of Luke Skywalker featuring no other character. A Class I NHP is almost universally rejected amongst Bigger Luke theorists, and it is extremely difficult - if not impossible - to determine the presence of Bigger Luke in a particular scene without the presence of another character, with few exceptions.
  • Class II (Class I before 1994): Referring to a screencap of Star Wars, usually A New Hope, featuring Luke Skywalker but without Han Solo. A Class II can contain other characters besides Luke, but not Han Solo. Class II NHPs are actually very commonly accepted in The Empire Strike Back and Return of the Jedi, as Han Solo and Luke Skywalker do not appear in the same frame very often, especially in the former film. As such they are widely accepted amongst Lukers of these films, and any stigma regarding Class IIs are generally relegated to A New Hope. Sometimes, the abbreviation NHP is solely used to refer to the Class II, as this lessens the confusion one could find themselves in if one were to take the phrase "No Han Pic" literally.

Class I

A Class I NHP early on in A New Hope, around 17 minutes in. Note the absolute lack of any other character besides Luke Skywalker.
Likewise, A Class I is seen early on in Return of the Jedi at about 22 minutes.

Class II

A Class II NHP seen at around 32 minutes into A New Hope. Note the lack of Han Solo but the presence of other characters.
A subdued Class II at 48 minutes into The Empire Strikes Back. Whilst technically qualifying as a Class II, some may argue this screencap is a de-facto Class I, as Yoda's form is so obscured as to be almost useless as a frame of reference.
A Class II at a little over one hour into The Empire Strikes Back.
Class II at about 1 hour and 29 minutes into Return of the Jedi.
A very good Class II at around 1 hour, 29 minutes, and 37 seconds into Return of the Jedi.
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