Fringe Theories

A list of all fringe, obscure, and otherwise unpopular or uncommon theories of or relating to the Bigger Luke Hypothesis and the phenomena of Bigger Luke.

The Smaller Luke Hypothesis

The Smaller Luke Hypothesis posits that Luke Prime is in fact what most theorists designate Bigger Luke, and that the commonly assumed Regular Luke is in fact a Smaller Luke. This theory is closely tied to the FORA, is considered controversial, and is generally widely despised amongst the Bigger Luke community, who claim it is merely a misunderstanding of perspective. See Frame Of Reference Argument for more details.

Is it Han getting Bigger and Smaller?

A much dismissed theory is that it is Han Solo who is resizing - not Luke.

The Resizing Set Hypothesis

A theory introduced circa 2003 which has yet to gain significant ground claims that it is possible that it is not Luke who changes size between different shots but, in fact, everything else around Luke changes size, including the characters. Much like the theories surrounding Mark Hamill's car accident in early 1977, it is assumed that the scenes with smaller sets and characters were chronologically filmed after the other scenes. The presumed reason for this was due to budget cuts on the set due to the 1970's Oil Crisis, and therefore all set pieces and props were cut slightly smaller to save money. The reason as to why all other characters besides Luke are slightly shorter can be chocked up to slight malnutrition, as due to the crisis food was prioritized for the star of the film.

This theory has never been taken seriously by any significant number of Bigger Luke Theorists, who have always considered it far too outlandish. It is generally believed that the proponent of this theory was joking - or even trying to poison the well.

Russian Optics

See Russian Optics Theory

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